How to Make a Home When Moving to Australia

Moving overseas can be exciting but daunting. With Australia’s moderate climate, breath taking landscapes and diverse, livable cities, you might approach the idea of moving to the “Great Southern Land” with far less dread than many other parts of the world.

With over 6 million migrants living in Australia, one in four of us was born elsewhere in the world. So as a newcomer you won’t be alone.

Once you have made the decision to move to Australia, you will no doubt start to think about the big tasks ahead. Timing, logistics, travel, work and family matters. Schooling for the children and most importantly where you want to live. If you only get a chance to experience life in Australia for a set period of time, why not make the most of this once in a lifetime opportunity.

Australia is renowned worldwide for a zealous focus on lifestyle. Whether it be cultural pursuits, fine dining, travel, outdoor activities in the sunshine or casual relaxation time at home, we make our free time our own. Working diligently during the week, but enjoying down time with family and friends in the evenings and on weekends.

You might find very quickly that a move to Australia may offer you a different way of life from what you have experienced in your country of origin. Be it properties close to the water, quiet leafy suburbs or thriving cosmopolitan hubs there are plenty of opportunities for you to find the right location to call home.

The house has been found, you can imagine yourself enjoying your time there…. but what comes next. What do you need to make the house a home? Furniture of course.

Our Relocation furniture hire service provides everything you will need when moving to Australia, right down to the smallest detail. Our rental packages include furniture, home wares, white goods, entertainment systems, soft furnishings, art-work, floor coverings, and linen. Whether you are moving from overseas or interstate – Valiant Hire helps to make the relocation process as smooth as possible.

For those that are after a short term solution until their own furniture arrives from overseas, our Quickpack furniture rental packages might be the solution for you. Offering a quick, inexpensive solution our Quickpack relocation hire packages are the perfect answer for the temporary need. Providing all the essentials to furnish your home, we have selected a quality furniture range that is both stylish and easy to live with.

But how about a longer term solution? More and more newcomers are deciding to leave their furniture at home and take the opportunity to experiment and try something new. Ask yourself the question…will your own furniture be guaranteed to work with a new home you find in Australia? Will it suit the climate, lifestyle and of course the style of the home?

How about the idea of trying something you have always wanted to but never had the chance. Will you want to spend more time outside? Will you want to try a contemporary city apartment or a beach side property? How about a home with entertaining spaces flowing from living and dining to the outdoors, even a pool. Have a look around your current home, will the pieces you have right now limit your choice of property or even the way you live while you are in Australia. There is another solution. Why not make the choice to hire while you are living in Australia? More and more relocating executives have decided to do just that.

Valiant Hire’s long term customised Executive Packages are the perfect solution! Working one on one with a member of our design team we will personalise your new home furnishings to your style and taste. With access to Australia’s most respected suppliers at our finger tips our executive relocation hire service ensures you will get the chance to make the most out of your new home and the time you spend in it.

How about the chance to hire an original piece of Aboriginal Art while you are here? An opportunity of a lifetime.

The process can start immediately when you have entry to your new home, or even whilst you are overseas yet to arrive. If you have already secured your new home we can work with your real estate agent to view before you land and we will communicate with you to ascertain your start up needs. If access is granted prior to when you fly in, we can even have everything you need delivered before you land. Just imagine arriving to your new home to settle down on the sofa our team have selected, to a TV tuned, the refrigerator ready to be filled, the washer plumbed ready to wash your travel clothes and better still beds made for tired travellers

There is no need to spend your free time searching for furniture to buy and then wait for ordered items to arrive… We do all the work for you. If there is a wait time for customised pieces to be delivered we provide an immediate temporary solution. Your satisfaction is paramount. If you have any issues over the course of your hire your personally selected consultant and stylist will ensure that any faults or concerns are dealt with directly and swiftly. Plus of course if you do end your stay in Australia and move back home or elsewhere we collect on your final day and there is no need for the worry of what to do with any furniture purchased during your stay.

Valiant’s Hire residential relocation furniture rental services are available whether you are moving to Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane Australia. We deliver within Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and regional areas. We specialise in servicing the east coast of Australia, including Canberra, Newcastle, the NSW Central Coast, Wollongong, Albury, Geelong, Brisbane and the Gold Coast.

So why not check out our Standard and Executive relocation packs to start and contact one of our consultants to get a quote or further information. We can’t wait to see you “Down Under”!

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