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Getting Started: Goals & Atmosphere

Let Valiant Events take care of your EOFY party!

The essence of an EOFY party is to celebrate your businesses’ success from the financial year that passed and to express gratitude to your team for their hard work. This is also a great opportunity to recognize your team’s wonderful accomplishments and how this has helped the success of the organisation. After a year-long work-a-day routine of meeting deadlines, establishing results, winning new clients, maintaining high standards, attaining customer service goals, it always pays to show the team how much the company appreciates their contribution and hard work.

How do you want your EOFY celebration to take shape? If you want to organise a party worth remembering, it’s always a good idea to first decide on your overall event objective and the atmosphere you want to create.

First question you should ask

What tone do you want the event to have?

The sky’s the limit with options but here are some suggestions:

  • A fun themed dress-up par-tay (eg. Great Gatsby)!
  • A sophisticated executive black tie gala
  • A casual drinks and canapes mingle session
  • An exclusive yacht party
  • A family-friendly barbeque
  • A competitive bowling bash

Second question you should ask

How do you want to highlight the year’s accomplishments?

You know your company best. Identify the milestones and reasons to celebrate from the financial year that passed, highlight these and use it to propel positive momentum for the following year.

  • Will you have a simple or full programme?
  • Will you dedicate a portion of the event to highlight business milestones or to recognize exceptional work by certain people/teams?

If there is already positive staff morale, it’s a good time to build upon this and inspire further loyalty and dedication.

When mulling over these questions, just remember to be guided by how you want to spring into the next financial year, what kind of environment you want to foster among your staff, and what the company culture is like. And of course, it’s all about fun for everyone!

Choosing a Location & Space

If you’re looking to book a venue, availability is a huge factor. Book as early as you can to get your venue of choice! However let’s see what you need to consider in terms of location and space.

Where do your employees live?

Consider access for your employees. A centrally located venue such as a lovely restaurant in the CBD is always ideal. If that’s not an option, perhaps you can you have it in a certain locale? What about somewhere near the office?

Ease of transport

Can you easily access different modes of transport to and from the venue?

Capacity of area

How many people do you expect to attend and how will you use the space? For example, will you need a section for staging, lounging, a dance floor, a photo booth, etc.?

Special access considerations

Does the space allow for easy access, especially for those that have limited mobility?

Using your own space?

If your office has the space for a party, you may want to consider taking advantage of this. What you save on venue rental, you can invest in event styling and cool party hire furniture! Give that space an amazing transformation. With the help of an event stylist and your event area can be given a major makeover. You’ll surprised at what lighting, decor, party hire furniture, and simple installations can do. The idea is to recreate the space so your staff can feel as if they are in a different place!

Event Styling & Floor Plan

This is where you can instantly wow your attendees! Before the food, the drinks, and the program, the look of your event is the first thing they will notice. So invest in making the venue shimmer! A Valiant Event Stylist will be a big help in this area.

Get things right

First off, make sure you have an event layout that makes sense. This requires proper thought and planning since it directly affects the movement of people in the venue. A bad layout can ruin the experience.

Going hand-in-hand with the layout is styling. This is the cherry on top, the icing on the cake. Styling is that element that will make your event visually come to life. It creates the ambience and sets the mood. No matter how great the food or entertaining the program is, if your venue looks drab, the party is bound to feel like a drag.

Some venues already have a certain look and feel and all that’s needed is enhancement. On the other hand, some venues are blank canvasses which can be converted into your envisioned EOFY party theme. For either cases, here are some things you may want to consider:

Things to consider for the floor plan

Dining arrangement
How do you want your attendees to interact? If you want intimate arrangements where staff can comfortably catch up and chat, perhaps you can go with a sit down dinner. For more mingling among staff, a stand up cocktail set-up is the way to go. Most parties normally have a combination of both. For an outdoor bbq or picnic style party, a combination of picnic tables, lounge pods with bean bags, and mats create a great atmosphere! If you’re setting up a buffet table or a grill, make sure it’s positioned sensibly. You have many party hire furniture options with Valiant Events.

Lounging areas
If you want to create a section where your attendees can sit around comfortably, consider lounging pods. Pepper these around the venue.

Other additions
What else are you planning to have? A stage? A dance floor? A DJ booth maybe? It’s all about making sure these are positioned sensibly.

3D Layout
If you need a preview of how your event will look like, Valiant Events can provide a 3D layout which gives you a bird’s eye view of the layout as well as a closer look at the styling details.

Things to consider for your event styling

It goes without saying that the styling should reflect the look and feel you want to create! Furniture choices, décor and accessories, lighting, installations (if any). All these should come together nicely to paint an amazing picture. And remember, you don’t need to go over the top. It’s all about a tasteful balance of elements.

Unless you’re styling savvy, you can trust the Valiant Event Stylists to help you bring your desired look to life! From planning, conceptualisation, to installation, they will walk through the process with you every step of the way.

Want some event inspo? You can browse through our Event Gallery!

Programme & Entertainment

There are many creative ways to approach this depending on your EOFY celebration goals, available resources, and the company’s corporate culture.


Having a programme is a great way to chop up your event, give it direction, create momentum, and to stir it away from aimless dragging on. No need for an elaborate program. Keep it simple with a good sequence to help build up the party - a welcome address to signal the start, a portion to acknowledge the year’s milestones and maybe the exceptional work of employees, and the all-important invitation to get the party started! Weave in other activities or announcements you may have in mind but keep it light and maintain a nice crescendo to up the excitement. After all, people simply want to have fun!

Ice Breakers / Games

This may not be for all organisations but if you know that this is something your employees will enjoy and you have the right number of expected attendees, it can add some fun competitive flavour to your EOFY party. It’s a great way for getting everyone involved. If you’re thinking of doing this but are not sure about what games to organise, our friend Google has wealth of fun ideas.

If games are not your style, maybe you can go a raffle with some drool-worthy prizes! Raffles always create an air of anticipation, suspense and excitement.


This is a no brainer. Your music choices can make or break the mood of the party. What music genre’s will you go for? Will you be having a live band, a DJ, or both? If you have an event theme, match the music with it to complete the experience!


Who doesn’t love a little boogie!?

Other entertainment

Magicians, dancers, circus performers, stand-up comedy. If you have the budget and it fits into your EOFY goals, having other performances can really up the ante of the evening. Whatever you go with, just ensure its seamlessly weaved into the program as you don’t want the performance to seem random. Even better, if you’re considering a particular theme, select performances that go well with the theme.

Ex. Going for a Brazilian street party theme? Sexy samba dancers and a Brazilian Batucada Band will hype up the energy and make it a super fun experience.

Photo booth

Printed photos add that extra special touch to preserving memories, especially in the era of Instagram, Facebook, and social media in general. Everyone loves a little photo booth fun!

Food & Beverage

We left this last as it is an absolute no brainer. We all know we don’t need a 5-star Michelin chef-cooked banquet but your EOFY party must have good food, and of course an ample amount of drinks! (Note: Ample is relative). With a wide array of great supplier choices out there - from reasonably priced to those with premium offerings - so there is no excuse for getting blah food. Unless you’re confident in the culinary repertoire of your chosen caterer, make sure to sample their menu. Good food is a major ingredient for good party.

Final note

As we all know, happy employees make the best employees. Bringing the corporate family together for a fun gathering where people are at ease but also able to enjoy themselves is a great way foster team cohesiveness.

Hopefully our little chat has sparked some cool ideas for your EOFY party. Remember that the Valiant Event Stylists are only a phone call or email away. They are only too happy to offer solutions and guidance as you work through your planning. Now let’s get cracking! 30th June waits for nobody!

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