Property Styling vs. Interior Design. What’s the difference?

Property Styling. Interior Design. How can you tell them apart?

For some, it can be confusing to differentiate one from the other, especially since they seem quite similar. There are a number of areas where each is different - goal and purpose, clientele, and approach to interior transformation - to name a few.

In this post, we'll break down and clarify some fundamental differences between property styling and interior design, and how each branch of Valiant’s residential styling services can help you.

Property Styling

The Goal

The purpose of property styling is to prepare a home for a sale by presenting its full potential. The goal? The successful sale of a home with the best possible results. The process involves several techniques for highlighting the best features of a property’s interiors and for showcasing optimal use of a space. In a few words - "Style that sells."

Property Stylists

Property stylists are experts in creating schemes that are versatile and appealing to a range of buyers or a specific target market. With the following in mind - the importance of preparing a space for marketing photography and creating a good initial impression at an open house – property stylists employ the techniques needed to highlight a home’s key features and showcase the optimal use of space.

Furniture and accessory selections by property stylists are based on styles and colour palettes that present the home in its best light while creating a look that will appeal to buyers. Neutral tones are typically used with some added pops of colour and/or patterns to create interest. Furniture pieces are arranged in a way that creates a nice flow within the space.


Property Styling clients are individuals and/or real estate agents who are interested in investing in the necessary steps to maximise the sale of a property. This includes achieving the optimal sale price and selling within the quickest amount of time possible.

Interior Design

The Goal

Interior Design is all about creating beautiful spatial solutions based on a good understanding of the way you live, your personality, and your style/design preferences. The focus is on tailoring a space - from furniture, furniture layout, to decor and colour palette - into a place you’ll love and enjoy coming home to. In a few words - "Design for you, for your home, for your lifestyle."

Interior Designers

Interior designers are able to listen and understand your personal needs and aspirations for your forever home. Their expertise lies in creating and bringing to life schemes that are tailored to suit you, your family and lifestyle.

Furnishings and finishes are selected according to your personal style, taste, and interests. With the amount of choice available, interior designers help you navigate through the trends and what’s available in the market. They are able to zero in on pieces and finishing touches that will suit your preferences.

When it comes to furniture layouts, not only is the optimal use of space kept in mind, but also what works with your lifestyle. For example, for an avid reader with a wide book collection, an interior designer will consider space for a bookshelf. On the other hand, for someone who likes holding parties, an interior designer will find clever ways to make the space ideal for entertaining guests.


Whether it’s to update the look and feel of their current home or to bring a newly purchased property’s interiors to life, interior design clientele are those who have a vision for their home interiors and are intent on getting it right with the help of design professionals.

On the other hand, potential clients can also be property developers or builders who need professional design services to enhance the interiors of newly built display suites.

Property Examples

Lounge room and outdoor area property styling in Elkhorn, Queensland. Clean neutrals and modern interiors

This photo is an example of a property styling install we did in New Farm, QLD. Compared to the photo on the right, the entire look is meant to appeal to a wider target market. The property stylist selected pieces that not only suite the look of the home but also simple and quite popular furniture designs. The colour palette was kept neutral.

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Lounge room interior design details at a Hunter Region home, New South Wales. Palm Springs inspired interiors in a gold &turquoise palette.

This is an interior design project for a Yarrum Designer Homes display. While it was for a display home, Yarrum had a specific kind of buyer in mind and wanted to tailor the interiors to appeal to that target market. With "Palm Springs" as the style Yarrum wanted to achieve, our interior designers put together a bespoke look and tailored everything from the colour palette, furniture selections, decor, and finishing touches.

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Which service do you need?

Now that we've broken down the difference between the two, which service are you after? Whether it's property styling or interior design, you've come to the right place. With over 50 years of experience in residential interiors, Valiant has been at the forefront of the industry.

Our teams across Brisbane, Sydney, and Melbourne have styled over hundreds of properties for sale and have helped produce amazing sale results.

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